For my first inquiry project, I will be learning basic concepts in the programming language Ruby. Ruby is a popular and in-demand language because it is easy to pick up and quite powerful. Ruby looks a lot like regular written languages but is most commonly used in Rails applications. Companies such as Twitter, SoundCloud, and Kickstarter all started out using Ruby. In this project, I will learn about variables, loops, control flow, and most importantly, object-oriented programming through an online course at

After the course is over, I will present my learning by creating a to-do list as a final project. There is a tutorial on how to do this on Codecademy, but it is part of the premium package, which I don’t have because it costs money. So, I decided to challenge myself and try to build this project on my own, without the help of a tutorial.

I started this project on the 22nd. My plan was to complete the online course by October 2nd and finish the initial coding of the project by October 9th so I could present on the 13th. When I first planned this out, I thought that coding the project would be most difficult part because there could be tricky bugs that I would be unable to fix, but I am discovering that learning Ruby is harder than I expected. The learning curve has been very difficult and pressuring myself to get the course finished quickly made me rush through the lessons and now I am finding that I don’t understand important concepts, making it even more difficult to finish quickly. I am now allowing myself 1-2 days for each unit of the course, hoping that I will finish within 5-6 days so that I will have at least half a week to create the final project. Hopefully, I will be able to start on the to-do list before the presentation date, but for now, I am focusing on learning Ruby thoroughly.