For my third inquiry project, I have decided to link it with the Technovation Challenge that I am participating in. For the challenge, I am going to be the main person coding our app, so I decided to learn more about the program that I will be using to build the app, AppInventor. There is a Technovation curriculum which I will be using to learn about App Inventor and start building our actual app. The entire curriculum takes you through building your entire app so I have decided to only go to lesson 4. Through these lessons, I will set up App Inventor, learn about data, learn loops and conditionals and finally databases and sensors.

App Inventor is a block-based coding program which lets anyone build apps easily, but for our app, (a database of resources for the homeless), I will need to learn more advanced features like a map and user-inputted-data. The curriculum is a basic introduction to the program, but I will be working on my own to learn about how to create these features and I can look it up online as well.

My milestones are as follows:

Lesson 1 – December 20
Lesson 2 – January 15
Lesson 3 – January 30
Lesson 4 – February 10
Extra Research – February 28

If I have extra time I will continue to build my app in tandem with my IDS for the Technovation Challenge.