As you can see from my previous post, I have linked my third inquiry to the Technovation Challenge that I am participating in. The idea for this project was to learn more about the basics of MIT App Inventor through completing the first five code lessons in the Technovation Curriculum.

The different lessons were as follows:

  1. Intro to App Inventor
  2. Data and Variables
  3. Logic Loops and Conditionals
  4. Mobile Features
  5. UX Design

For the first lesson, I learned about what App Inventor really is. It is a programming interface made by students at MIT that uses drag and drop blocks to let people of all skill levels create Android apps. There are three ways to view your app on a device, you can connect an android phone through the WiFi, through a USB, or you can download software into your laptop to create a phone emulator. This is what the emulator looks like:

Each lesson went into great depth on each of the subjects, and despite already knowing a lot of the information in the first lessons, it was a great refresher! After each lesson, the curriculum asks you to create a small project to practice what you learned.

In the first project, I was just getting used to App Inventor so I created this little app that lets you click through a slideshow of cat pictures.


In the second unit, I created a to-do list, which was quite ironic considering my first inquiry to build a similar list took me over 15 hours and this took me about 15 minutes.

For the third lesson, I used my knowledge of databases to create this search app. It searches a database of famous scientists and then returns the results.


Finally, I also worked with the rest of my team (Jazmine and Tiffany) to create a paper prototype for our app.This was linked to lesson five of the Technovation Curriculum. We want our app to be very easy to use. I want to model our app after some features I found in another app called Buycott.

At the time of posting this, I have already been done with this inquiry project for a week, but I thought I would update you all about the workshop we went to yesterday (Saturday, March 3) at SFU. It was a Technovation workshop where we learned more about App Inventor (my basic knowledge from this project came in handy!) and we also got the opportunity to talk to experts in various fields about our app and how we should go about making it. It was a very educational day, and we also plan on attending another workshop about how to pitch soon.